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Important fashion rules every stylish man should know

Important fashion rules every stylish man should know.

In life, there are far too many rules to follow. However, when it comes to fashion, some rules are there to help. But we all have our own rules that work for us. So, when it comes to dressing, they should be taken at face value.

As menswear become more trend-aware, it’s helpful to have a set of fool-proof rules to fall back on. Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for the top fashion rules every man should know.

Wear A Suit Well

When it comes to rocking a suit, it all comes down to the right fit. If funds are tight and you are buying one on sale, focus on the fit across the shoulders. Getting the chest and waist altered is relatively easy with a good tailor.

Be careful of period suits. Unless you are going to be wearing a total period look, your suit will look odd and a novelty in isolation. If in doubt, go with classic. Dark, single-breasted, two-button and moderate in details. It is not boring and looks good on everyone. Think of your suit as a uniform. Your suit is a canvas that allows you to build your own personality around.

Do Not Shy Away From Colour

Whether it’s casualwear or something more formal, everyone should embrace colour. Most men are scared of it and are intimidated by anything other than grey or navy. But colour can also look timeless. A green suit can look stylish as well as pinks, mustards or brighter shades of blue. These are versatile shades that can life your entire outfit. However, when it comes to colour, less is more. you just need a little bit of it on one garment.

Wear In Your Jeans

Jeans are that one fashion item that everyone wears and has in their wardrobe. The most popular cut is slim-tapered. It’s wider on the thigh so is more comfortable but it narrows as it gets closer to the ankle. This way, it works well with both trainers and smart shoes. It’s the best denim style to wear all-year round and suits everyone’s figure.

Take Care Of Your Appearance

This is the type of advice your mother might give you, but if you are investing money and time into your clothes, look after it. Use wooden hangers for your shirts.

Have your suits cleaned and pressed. Wash your clothes regularly and try not to tumble dry them. This can ruin the fabric. And, as well as looking after the leather on your jacket, do not neglect your skin. Establish a simple grooming routine, brush your hair and trim your nails. Remember, the devil is the in details.

Keep Your Underwear Simple

Style doesn’t just mean the clothes that people can see every day. When it comes to men’s underwear, there are two simple rules to follow.

One, keep away from novelty prints. And two, heavily branded underwear will lack sophistication. Keep it simple. The one style that has stood the test of time is cotton boxer shorts. Like with linen, they are soft, breathable and take repeated washing well.

Important fashion rules every stylish man should know

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