Teenage fashion Ireland 2021

Teenage fashion trends to watch for this summer 2021

Teenage fashion trends to watch for this summer 2021

Many of us have a lot of cute outfits planned for last year that we couldn’t wear. And as we have been locked up for the majority of this year, it’s time to fall in love with getting dressed up again, which is where your fashion trends come in handy. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we have rounded up the top trends that are set to dominate your summer 2021 wardrobe.


We all need to have at least one belt in our wardrobes. Whatever your thoughts on this accessory, it is practical and always capable of holding up your baggy trousers. But we often treat it as more of an afterthought.

But belts have gotten an upgrade in 2021. We are just after wrapping our heads around statement belts. However, more and more influencers and designers are bringing back the mid-section belt. You can use it to cinch in your dress, blazer or jumper. This trick has been around since the early noughties and is a great way to add some definition to your figure.


Now, many of us take to wearing our bralettes as…a bra. They are comfortable and keep everything in place. And sometimes, this comfy alternative to your bra can be layered under your shirt for a pop of print or colour.

But, for 2021, the ‘bracket’ trend is back. Your favourite celebrities cannot stop wearing their bralettes under cardigans and blazers. So, there is no time like the present to try this trend. You do not have to match your bralette to your top layer. You can simply choose a black option that goes with everything. But you can feel free to experiment with prints and colours to show off your personality.

Black + White

This colour combination has stood the test of time and is a classic for a reason. If you have doubts over what to wear, this basic combo comes to your rescue and there really is no pairing like your classic white top and black trousers.

This combo is still as stylish as ever. But that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment. Go nuts and add scarves, belts, statement earrings and accessories. Or play around with layering and pair a white top underneath your favourite LBD.


In the olden days, we would have reserved our bright top or trousers for a pop of colour. Or use it as a way of spicing up our neutrals.

But for 2021, don’t be afraid to go all out. And do not shy away from ridiculous colour combinations, either. Take advantage of colour blocking trends and there are so many combinations to try out.

Matching Sets

Thanks to old Corona, we are used to rocking our matching sets as loungewear or sleepwear around the house. But what if we told you that they work in social settings too? Have fun amping up your boring matching set with some white boots, blazers, layered necklaces or turtlenecks. You don’t have to wear the entire matching set, either. You can use a piece to create a monochrome outfit.

Puffy Sleeves

Who doesn’t love a big, puffy sleeve moment? It’s the perfect way to add some glamour to your outfit. Nothing is too extreme, and you can also play around with some drop earrings and heels.

With 80s trends making a comeback in 2021, many people have grown to love their puff sleeves. Your voluminous dress can be used to create the ideal one-and-done look. Not to mention that your puff sleeves will make all of your sweats look fancy.

Teenage fashion trends to watch for this summer 2021

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