Selena Gomez new La'Mariette Swimsuit Collection 2021

Selena Gomez unveils new La’Mariette Swimsuit Collection

Selena Gomez unveils new La’Mariette Swimsuit Collection

In Irish fashion news, Us singing sensation, Selena Gomez has just unveiled her new swimsuit collection as part of her fashion collaboration with La’Mariette

The 28-year-old singer teamed up with French swimwear company which was founded by Theresa Mingus and Morgan Brutocao to make all women feel confident and comfortable, while highlighting their authentic self.

La’Mariette gets their name from the French word “mariette”, which means “of the sea”. The French fashion house La‘Mariette are an inclusive swimwear brand that promotes self-love and acceptance.

In a media statement accompanying the launch of her collaboration with La’Mariette, Selena commented “After going through swatches, my favourite colour was purple; I wanted to stay away from colours I’m used to like red and white. Purple felt different for me. And we added pops of colour like green and neons here and there; it really becomes your own suit, however you wear it.”

The Texan singer took to her social media platform over the weekend to share photos of herself wearing her new design and sharing the following comments with her 241 million Instagram followers “So grateful that I get the opportunity to celebrate my friends’ endeavours. My collaboration with @lamariette is out today!” “What I love about this brand is that it celebrates women who love their bodies unconditionally giving themselves the grace they deserve,” she wrote. “Hope you love it as much as I do.”

La’Mariette’s swimsuit collaboration with Selena Gomez comes in six different styles that include a one-piece, two bikini tops, two bottoms and a sarong.

The pieces are all in a purple tie-dye print called “Aura,”. Pieces from her new swimsuit fashion collection come in sizes XS-XXL. You can check out all pieces from the new Selena Gomez – La’Mariette swimsuit collection over at La’Mariette online store now.


Selena Gomez unveils new La’Mariette Swimsuit Collection

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