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Needs to know before getting your first gel nail extensions

Needs to know before getting your first gel nail extensions

Everyone wants longer and stronger nails nowadays. That’s why gel nail extensions are so popular. Sometimes, your nail goal will be just enough length for some cool design or nail polish. Which is why gel nails are so handy.

But before you go and get your nails done, it’s important to know the process behind it. After all, you want to keep your natural nails as damage free as possible. Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland for everything you need to know before getting your first nail extensions.

What Are Gel Extensions?

Simply put, it is the process that involves hard gel being built onto your natural one and cured with UV light. Your manicurist will use a nail file, a sticker that goes under the free edge, or the tip, of your nail to extend the length.

Gel nails come in many shapes and sizes, from coffin, round, stiletto, square and more. The only problem is that you cannot bite your nails before getting an extension. In order to work properly, your nails need a little length. If they are too short, there is nothing for the gel to stick to.

How Are Gel Nails Applied?

When it comes to premade nails in a box, or actually creating them, your manicurist needs to first prepare your nails. This means filing, cleaning and buffing. Then, they will apply a form underneath your natural nail to create length with a gel builder, primer and top coat. Next, your nails will dry under UV light.

Gel Or Acrylic?

Both can be used to create nail extensions. They usually are similar in looks, but gels feel lighter. It mainly comes down to structure. However, the real difference comes down to removal and density. The process of gel is definitely quicker and has no strong odours. You also do not have the hassle of filing and dealing with dust. With acrylic, you have to mix liquid called monomer and a powder to form your artificial nail. As some salons can attempt to pass off acrylic for gel, it’s important to know the difference. Gels comes in a pot and looks like honey, whereas acrylic is a powder.

How Long Will They Last?

This can depend on how much you use your hands. For some of you, your nails will last for two weeks. For others, they can last four to five. However, natural growth occurs every 12-16 days. When it comes to removing your extensions, it’s always better to go to a professional to avoid damage.

What to know before getting your first gel nail extensions

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