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The best swimsuit trends that suit large breasted women

The best swimsuit trends that suit large breasted women

it feels like designers forget about people with large busts. Many clothes are flimsy and do not give any support or coverage.

Especially when it comes to swimwear. Some dig into your skin, leaving angry marks that tend to take hours to fade. Finding the perfect swimsuit seems impossible, but luckily, we are here to help. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our tips on how to choose the right swimsuit for your large bust.


For those of you who believe you cannot wear a bikini if you have a large bust, you are wrong. Anyone can rock a bikini. The trick is finding one that gives you the right support. Most large-busted women tend to hide away but there is no need.

Try to avoid anything that doesn’t highlight your best curves or squashes your figure. And nobody wants the uni-boob effect so it’s best to look for cups that support. This means that hidden underwires in your swimsuit are your friend.


A great middle ground between a bikini and a one piece is your tankini. They are ideal if you want coverage but love how versatile a two-piece feels. Your tankini is the equivalent of a swimsuit tank top, meaning your arms are free to soak up the sun while your tummy is covered.

Get one with wide straps for extra support. Thin ones do not offer any lift and can dig into your skin. A broad strap swimsuit will distribute the weight evenly, which alleviates pressure on shoulders.

Halter Tops

Skip the bikinis and tankinis altogether and choose something specifically designed for a big bust. If you are struggling to find a swimsuit with the right support, halter styles that tie at the neck are perfect.

Certain necklines looks better on people with larger busts. So, consider sweetheart styles, V-neck or a scoop cut. To avoid overwhelming your figure, try to steer clear of bateau styles.

Swim Dress

If you are looking for more coverage on the lower half of your body, a swim dress is the way to go. Many are designed to support ample busts and are a great alternative to a traditional swimsuit. They are also perfect for days when you are heading from water to land and back again.

The best swimsuit trends that suit large breasted women

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