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The best ways to prevent and treat acne after exercising

The best ways to prevent and treat acne after exercising

We all know the benefits of exercising, especially when it comes to our skin. But workout-related breakouts are no joke. And a real problem for many people.

So, how do you prevent them? Keep on reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out with our tips.

Start With A Clean Face

Washing your face before working out will get rid of any bacteria and dirt. As exercise opens your pores, these can enter your skin more easily. Removing makeup before your exercise is vital as face creams can block pores and become trapped, leading to more bacteria growing.

To reduce the amount of sweat getting on your face, wear a clean headband, especially if you wear hair products that can transfer onto your skin.

Cleanse After Your Workout

Washing your face after you workout is essential to preventing acne and breakouts. If you can, try and incorporate salicylic acid will clean pores of any sweat and oil. Just be sure to use a clean towel.

Use A Clean Towel

Towels are great for working out as they absorb excess sweat. However, this also means they are the perfect place for bacteria to grow as they also absorb oil, dirt and germs. Make sure you are using a clean towel every session and throw it in the wash afterwards.

Shower Straight Away

After your workout, it’s important to cleanse your skin of any sweat or bacteria which leads your pores getting clogged. Showering after your workout will stop fungus and bacteria from sitting on your skin and multiplying.

Clean Your Equipment

This is often overlooked. Shared equipment or even your own should be cleaned afterwards as unwashed can lead to bacteria growth. Which often leads to breakouts. Sanitizing your equipment before and after use will get rid of bacteria and germs that can find their way onto your skin.

Wash Your Clothes

Sweaty clothes will harbour bacteria and germs which transfer onto your skin. As well as your clothes, don’t forget about your headbands and helmets or any other equipment you wear exercising.

Choosing clothes that are breathable will go a long way in preventing breakouts. And go for clothes that actually fit you. Anything too tight will cause chafing and irritate your skin, pushing bacteria further down which will cause spots and redness.

The best ways to prevent and treat acne after exercising

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