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How to wear a crop top if you have a curvy figure

How to wear a crop top if you have a curvy figure.

There are some people who believe you need to have a certain figure in order to rock a crop top. But we disagree.

One of the best things about fashion is that it is for everyone, no matter your size or shape. So, grab your favourite crop top and keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips on how to style one if you have a curvy figure.

Do Not Be Afraid To Go Off Shoulder

Are you a bit conscious about your arms? You don’t have to be. But, don’t forget that there are lots of crop tops that come in different sleeve-lengths too.

And do not be tempted to cover everything up. going with an off-shoulder crop top is a good trick that works for women with small breasts. Showing off your shoulders will not only make you look instantly summery but can help you embrace your body and be less self-conscious.

Make Trends Work For You

Fashion trends come and go. But one trend that tends to stick around is bohemian fashion. So, why not use this trend and work it in your favour if you are conscious about your tummy.

Fringe is a great way to embrace boho, get your crop top fix and get comfortable showing off a little skin. All while looking catwalk ready. To go full-on bohemian, try finishing your outfit with some shorts and suede boots.

Embrace Clever Tailoring

Just because you are wearing a crop top does not mean you have to show some skin. Co-ords can be a good way of embracing the crop top trend. Get one where the top hangs above the top of your skirt. This way, you are wearing a crop top without being uncomfortable.

For a more cinched in look and to accentuate your figure, go for clothing that has a black waistband or wear a belt around your waist.

Wear Printed Tops with Plain Trousers

If you are a bit bottom heavy, why not balance out your proportions using some clever print. Pairing a statement crop top in a bold print with some black, plain trousers will draw the eye up and away from your bottom half. And for top heavy women, the opposite is true.

How to wear a crop top if you have a curvy figure

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