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Styling tips to lift any man’s summer fashion look

Styling tips to lift any man’s summer fashion look

Style does not have to be complicated. While the devil is in the details when it comes to a killer outfit, sometimes the little details make all the difference.

It’s always good to know how to do more with less. Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for our little details that instantly improve your summer outfits.

No-Show Socks

There really is no escaping the appeal of the mankle. From helping to regulate your body heat, a flash of flesh from wearing cropped trousers gives you a breezy and fashionable look. To keep your hygiene standards up, ground your look using a pair of no-show socks, ideally with rubber heel grips to keep them in place.

Distressed Denim

Distressed denim was once an icon for poor taste, but it has seen a resurgence in popularity over the years. Ripped, stained or worn-in jeans give a rugged appearance to your off-duty attire. Obviously, distressed and not destroyed is the key here. Anything that is more holes than jeans should be thrown out immediately.

Coloured Sunglasses

Classic sunglasses, whether you use them to disguise a hangover or avoid looking at the sun, will always look stylish. But that is not to say you have to stick to a classic design.

Coloured lenses offer a contemporary twist on a classic. Just a bit of advice, though. Choose carefully what you wear with them. Avoid matching your lenses with other shades you are wearing and do not deploy aviators with a jumpsuit. Unless you want to channel your inner Maverick.

T-Shirt Roll Up

A fashion move that has gained favour with some stylish men over the years, rolling up your sleeves is a subtle way to frame your arms. Obviously, your t-shirt is already short so two rolls the width of the hem should be enough. You will want to avoid tank top territory.

Statement Shoes

Not just reserved for clowns and lovers of bowling, statement footwear is a high-reward way of standing out this season. We don’t have to tell you that your neon runners belong in the gym, but for your everyday wardrobe, do not be afraid to get ‘ugly’.

Choose some throwback colour-ways or chunky soles. Or keep things classy with bright colours in premium fabrics like suede.


Styling tips to lift any man’s summer fashion look

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