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Style lessons men can learn from Timothee Chalamet

Style lessons men can learn from Timothee Chalamet

With a string of directors and designers wanting to work with him, Timothee Chalamet is the most talked about actors in Hollywood. A mix of brooding and boyish on screen, he backs this up with his wardrobe off screen with daring tailoring and easy-wear casual looks. He is well on his way to becoming a style icon.

But how do you bring his style into your own wardrobe? Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland to find out with our tips.

Your Jacket Will Do The Talking

When it comes to styling one piece and letting that be the focal point of your outfit, Chalamet is king. Mix a classic suede jacket with something everyone has in their wardrobe – a black tee and smart trousers. Preferably in the same colour. It may not be brave or bold but there is something about the collar showing the black details that makes this outfit a winner.

Choose Bold Fabrics

A full suit is getting a bit of a bad rep as of late. It’s too stuffy, not modern enough, no longer work-appropriate. At one time, the thought of mixing a simple tee with a suit would be laughed at. However, it is the ideal way of mixing casual and formal.

And don’t just stick with traditional materials. Velvet is a big look that takes a special someone to pull off. Take a tip from Chalamet and ground your velvet attire with a dark and neutral tee. You will look polished but not like you’ve tried too hard.

Do Not Go For The Obvious Choice

Your biker leather jacket is a classic, but it can be overdone. If you want to stand out, choose one in a different colour other than black. As well as colour, do not be afraid of playing around with textures and shapes. If you really want a bold look, finish with some cropped trousers and work boots.

Be Green With Your Tailoring

When it comes to modern tailoring, Chalamet is a bit of a torchbearer. He takes traditional suits in interesting and new directions. Sometimes by just using simple style tricks. A forest green colour is a look not many men are brave enough to try. But a suit in this colour, worn without a tie, looks youthful and fresh.

Style lessons men can learn from Timothee Chalamet

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