Stella McCartney launches Humane Society campaign

Stella McCartney launches Humane Society campaign

Stella McCartney launches Humane Society campaign

In Sustainable fashion news, fashion designer Stella McCartney has been joined by other leading celebrities in her bid to eradicate the use of fur in the production of clothing and accessories.

The 49-year-old sustainable fashion designer from London consolidated the launch of AW2021 fashion range with a video of her ‘Our time has come’ campaign, where celebrities.

And influencers from the world of fashion, music and photography have posted fur-free video messages to their social media Instagram accounts wearing a range of animal costumes.

In Stella McCartney video message, she includes her father and music legend Sir Paul McCartney and Mary McCartney who all ask their audience to sign HSI’s petition to end deadly fur globally.

Other videos include actress Dame Judi Dench disguised as a bird who is also joined by British singer Leona Lewis, actresses Nathalie Emmanuel, Maggie Q, Kat Graham and Rain Phoenix as well as a host of other influencers to sign up and get involved.

All of this comes during the UK government’s Call for Evidence where they are set to review the case for the total ban of importing and use of fur in the UK.

Executive Director of Humane Society International, Claire Bass commented “Stella McCartney’s new campaign and brand is everything the fur trade isn’t – fresh, innovative, sustainable and cruelty-free. So we’re thrilled to be working with her, and to have the support of so many compassionate celebrities, to magnify the message that the age of fur fashion is dead.”

“As the UK government considers our call for a ban on the import and sale of fur from animals who have suffered overseas, this light-hearted campaign sheds light on a serious subject – the terrible and needless cruelty that is stitched into every fur garment. The vast majority of Brits agree that the time for a #FurFreeBritain is now, and Stella McCartney is a fantastic example of how British brands can lead the world in delivering compassion in fashion.”

Sustainable fashion advocate, Stella McCartney has never used leather or furs in the production of her clothing or accessory ranges since launching her fashion label back in 2001.


Stella McCartney launches Humane Society campaign

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