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Ways to add a touch of 1950s fashion to your wardrobe look

Ways to add a touch of 1950s fashion to your wardrobe look

When you are on the lookout for fresh outfit inspiration, looking to the past can be a good thing. There are so many styles that are considered classic and recycled time and time again. Today, we are taking a look at the 1950s.

Many pieces have woven their way into our modern wardrobes so keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our guide on everything 1950s fashion.


The rockabilly style of the 50s was inspired by the music genre of the same name. Combining elements of rock and country, this style was hugely popular and has seen a bit of a comeback in recent years. The fashion was a mix of pin-up styles and swing looks. So, many people wore swing dresses, fitted pencil skirts as well as bullet bras.

Pin Up

Inspired by seductive poster girls, pin-up style was all about sex appeal. So, the clothing that was involved was quite revealing for the time. key fashion pieces included tight-fitting pencil skirts, hot pants, bustier tops, halter neck dresses and bikinis.


Now, you many be thinking of leather-clad men when you think of this fashion subculture. However, many women also embraced this classic trend. The greaser style trend originated in America among teens and working-class women. The look often blended rockabilly and pin up styles finish with some edgy attitude.

Fashion Icons

Many celebrities of the 50s turned into bona fide fashion icons that are still influencing us today. The most famous of the bunch were the era’s unforgettable actresses. Stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly captivated us with not only their acting skills but their stylish wardrobes too.

Hair & Makeup

Much like the fashion, the hair and makeup of the 50s was diverse. People experimented with updos, poodle looks, pin curls, bandana-wrapped styles and more. When it came to makeup, it was full on glamour. Products became more advanced which led to more sophisticated looks. Creamy foundation, pastel pink blush, soft eyeshadow looks with red and pink lips were all the rage.

Ways to add a touch of 1950s fashion to your wardrobe look

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