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Men’s style trends to forget when you turn 30

Men’s style trends to forget when you turn 30

Congratulations, you’ve made it to 30. Which means you’re a grown up. This could mean that work is going alright, and your mum no longer cuts the crust off of your sandwiches.

But what about your wardrobe? Even if you do feel young at heart, you shouldn’t take your 20s wardrobe into your 30s. but rather than tell you what to wear, Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we’ve put together some of the things you shouldn’t be in your wardrobe as you enter your third decade.

Chunky Skater Shoes

If you were a staking enthusiast in the early noughties, chances are you own a pair of chunky trainers that helped you master ollies and kickflips that made Tony Hawk proud.

Yeah, they were painfully cool back then but so were shoes with tiny wheels on. Since the days of Limp Bizkit and Jackass, skater shoes have gone mainstream. While some designs can work, others should just be abandoned altogether.

Slim-down shapes with premium materials are in. Think old school Vans and Converse, which are fuss-free designs that look great with both skinny jeans and relaxed fits.

Baggy Beanies

At some point around 2005, beanies went from tight fit to oversized. It was a look that the likes of David Beckham wholeheartedly embraced, so of course, other people did too. However, a slouchy beanie will instantly make your outfit look sloppy. Now that you have hit your thirties, this isn’t something you want to embrace.

But it’s not the beanie that’s the problem, it’s the bagginess. Headwear that fits is much more age appropriate. It’s also warmer and more comfortable. But if beanies are not your thing, go for winter-ready leather or wool baseball caps.

Novelty Underwear

This is something that is a rite of passage for a lot of guys. But, hopefully by the time you reach your thirties, you will have the sense to leave your novelty underwear behind. Your underwear should cover your butt, not make you the butt of the joke. Plain boxer briefs are the best of both worlds, as they suit most people’s body shapes and do not draw too much attention. Comfort and support are the two main things you should be looking for in underwear.

University Merch

By the time you enter your thirties, no one really cares that you went to uni. Maybe your nan but that’s about it. so, take off that university hoodie, read it its last rites and bury it somewhere.

But there is no need to bury jersey altogether. All you need is a simple sweatshirt. It is much more versatile that anything with a logo as it will go with a lot more of your wardrobe. But the real important thing to look out is quality. So, try and spent a little more in premium materials that will last.

Men’s style trends to forget when you turn 30

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