Irish ladies wearing swimsuits 2021

Top ladies swimwear trends in Ireland for 2021

Top ladies swimwear trends in Ireland for 2021

With holidays abroad cancelled this year, it is hard to shop for swimwear trends. But socially distanced picnics and trips to the beach does not sound bad.

Even if it just a patch of grass in your garden or a small bit of sun shining through your window, we all need something to sunbath in. We have gathered up the top trends to look out for this year. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for the top swimwear trends of 2021 you need to know about.

Upside Down Bikinis

Yep. This makeshift style trick has become an actual swimwear trend. And you can thank the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. A few summers back, they were seen tying their triangle tops upside down to make an under-boob flashing moment. As well as creating some unusual tan lines.

But it clearly worked for fans as upside down bikinis is set to be one of the biggest trends this year. Although you could go out and buy this trend, it is easy to make it yourself at home. Simply, flip your triangle top and tie the back strings around your neck instead.

Barely There Bikinis

Another trend from the Jenners is barely there bikinis. Searches for thong bikinis have shot up as well as micro bikinis. If you do not have the body confidence or frankly do not want to deal with the hair maintenance, do not worry about it. High legged bikini bottoms are still going strong for 2021.

This trend is being praised for its leg lengthening and curve-enhancing properties. Not to mention, they are seriously comfortable. And they are a great way to dip your toe into the barely there trend. It’s still a thong but with more coverage.

Terry Cloth

This year is the year of the terry cloth. Usually spotted on old school running shorts as well as celebs of the noughties, this towel fabric has gotten a modern update. If you love Paris Hilton, a baby pink upside down bikini in terry cloth is something you need. No to mention, you will be embracing two swimwear trends at the same time. But if you want to keep things retro, choose something from Lisa Marie Fernandez.

Animal Print

Once it got rid of any association with Pat Butcher, animal print quickly became that one trend that will never die. But it wasn’t until AW18 that designers fully embraced the trend as well as tiger stripes and cow spots. And in 2021, animal print is going nowhere anytime soon.


One of the biggest trends this year is cut-out designs. For those of you who like to go all out and fully embrace a trend, brands like Agent Provocateur are the way to go. But if this style instils fear rather than delight, go small. A keyhole swimsuit will provide enough coverage and, thanks to its iconic 1970s look, is timeless.

Top ladies swimwear trends in Ireland for 2021

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