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Easy ways to create a basic wardrobe colour palette

Easy ways to create a basic wardrobe colour palette

If you want to completely reinvent your wardrobe, it can be hard to know where to start. But it doesn’t have to feel impossible.

One of the best things you can do when building your dream wardrobe is create a colour palette. This will allow you to mix and match easily while making the most of what you own.

If you have a well thought out colour palette, you can create numerous outfits, and this can make getting dressed in the mornings easier. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our tips on how to create a basic wardrobe colour palette.


First things first. Take a look at the colour you naturally gravitate towards. Check the clothes in your wardrobe or sites like Pinterest. Are they any colours that stand out or you have a lot of? Your wardrobe tells you more about what you’ve worn in the past, while Pinterest can give you an insight into colours you might want to try. You can also pair colours together and see how well they work.

Base Colours & Accent Colours

You will want to have base and accent colours in your wardrobe. As you can probably guess, base colours are your basics and make up the core of your wardrobe.

They will typically be the things you wear the most. Your accent colours are used to add some interest and pop of colour to your basics. Start small with just 5-9 colours as this will give you more versatility. You can always add more colour later on.

It can be helpful to build your wardrobe around cool and warm tones. Or, if big pops of colour are not your thing, just mix the basics together, like blacks, whites, grey, navy etc.

Prints & Textures

While we are mostly talking about colour here, that doesn’t mean you should forget about texture or prints. While solids may be safer, mixing prints and texture can make your wardrobe more interesting. Choosing prints that work together will make your wardrobe easier to wear. Floral prints and stripes can work well if in the right colour palette.

Easy ways to create a basic wardrobe colour palette

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