Girl dressed in summer pastel colours in Ireland 2021

Easy ways to add pastels to your 2021 wardrobe

Easy ways to add pastels to your 2021 wardrobe

If you are unsure of how to embrace colour this summer, try pastels. They are one of the biggest trends this year and there are many different ways to style them. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips on how to bring pastels into your 2021 wardrobe.

More Pastels

We’ve said it before but pairing pastels with more pastels makes for a very cute outfit. Not to mention a colourful one. They definitely make a statement and are a great way to add some colour to your wardrobe.

For a bubbly outfit, pair lavender with baby pink. Yellow and peach is warm and summery while mint and blue looks sophisticated. To avoid colour overload, go for one colour for your clothes and another for your accessories.


We often go on about the importance of having neutral clothing in your wardrobe and with good reason. They really do pair well with just about everything.

Pairing pastels with neutral can make them look more mature and their sweetness less distinct. Try and stick with lighter neutrals like white, cream or beige. This is also a great way to test out pastels if you are unsure about wearing them. You can even start small and paint your nails a pastel colour to test the waters.


This one is for the bold fashionistas out there that are not afraid to take some risks. If you want to make your pastels more interesting, pair them with some prints. Especially florals, which are another wardrobe must-have. This duo will definitely help you embrace summer and spring fashion.

Intense Colour

If you are worried that pastels look a bit too demure, pairing them with their darker counterparts can intensify them. Baby pink with red is an intense but chic match while forest green and mint are another great combination.


Is there anything that does not pair with denim? The blue colour of your jeans as well as the material, will help to ‘calm’ down your pastels. While dark denim will act as a calming presence for your pastels, brighter denim shades also work well.

Easy ways to add pastels to your 2021 wardrobe

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