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Styling tips to help you match sets the right way

Styling tips to help you match sets the right way

Matching sets are that one item you throw into your shopping basket in the hopes it will be your fashion salvation. Especially when you are short on time and don’t know what to wear. But sometimes, matching sets can feel like a child’s playsuit or head into pyjama territory.

But they don’t have to feel that way. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips on how to style your matching sets the right way.

Knit Set

As winter comes around every year, it should come as no surprise that the weather gets cold. So, you need to wrap up in cosy knitwear. Knit sets are the ideal winter outfit. You could go simple or why not go for ones that have a little bit of detail? Like a cable knit pattern. If you are going to wear this outfit outside, toughen it up a bit by pairing it with some heavy trainers.

Sweats Set

The reigning champion of outfits when it comes to COVID and quarantine has to be our sweats. But if you want to wear them outside and beyond the couch, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. To add some edge to your look, pair your sweats with some structured blazers or handbags. And for some fun, swap out your ankle socks for some tube ones.

Printed Set

It can be daunting to try and style a matching set, especially one in a print. But one tip to get over your anxiety is to stop thinking of them as a two-piece set. Instead, think of yourself as working with a playsuit or dress. From there, it is all about throwing on a leather jacket on a night out or a denim jacket for a casual outfit.

Button Down Set

Matching sets that feature collared shirts are rare that double up as both a relaxed work outfit or a fun beach one. For a cute summer look, embrace the relaxed vibes of your outfit with some sandals and sunglasses.

90s inspired

With all of the current 90s matching sets making a comeback, we are getting major Tokyo Drift vibes for people’s wardrobes. Characterised by low-slung, hip-hugging trouser, halter tops and chain details and pockets, these matching sets embrace subtle style elements. This will help you create a chic outfit without looking costume-y.

Styling tips to help you match sets the right way

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