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Ways to find wide legged trousers to suit your shape

Ways to find wide legged trousers to suit your shape

Nowadays, many people seem to be stepping away from skinny jeans and embracing more relaxed fits. You might think of 70s hippy fashion when you hear wide legged trousers, but they have made a serious style comeback in recent years.

But how do you find the right ones for your body shape? Keep on reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out.


Every petite person knows that too much fabric can swallow our frame and make us look smaller. So, look for some trousers that skim your hips and have a flat waistband. Also, embrace stripes as they can elongate your figure. But what’s even better is a matching set. Wearing the same pattern or fabric from head to toe can make you look taller and slimmer. Staying with that point, choose heels over flats.


Do not pay any attention to anyone who says curvy people cannot wear wide-legged trousers. if you are wondering if this style will make your hips wider or not, go for heavier fabrics like chino or denim. An A-line style will add structure to your look while a cropped jacket can accentuate your hourglass figure.


Good news all you tall people. Thanks to your body shape, most wide-legged trouser will suit you. Which means you have plenty of choice. Use your height to your advantage and don’t be afraid to get creative. Culottes are a fun shape and are a shorter version of wide-legged trousers. Play around with materials and textures by layering your trousers with tunics or dresses. To show off your long legs, try and get a pair of trousers with slits down the sides. But avoid wearing chunky jumpers, jackets or top as these can hide your long shape.

Go For A Neutral Colour

Wide legged trousers can be intimidating, especially ones in an extravagant colour or pattern. So, why not keep things simple with neutral ones. Trousers in tan, black or brown in a slimmer leg can be a great way to test out this trend.

Consider Jeans Instead Of Trousers

A quality pair of wide legged trousers are fashionable, comfortable and always look great. And a pair of wide legged denim jeans is always a wardrobe must-have. Going for a dark pair can make a great option for work, whereas a lighter pair can work well with your summer wardrobe.

Ways to find wide legged trousers to suit your shape

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