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How 60s fashion is still influencing modern menswear

How 60s fashion is still influencing modern menswear

When it comes to men’s fashion, the influence of the 60s is hard to forget. The styles that came with this decade, like your mod-inspired sharp tailoring, to your velvet pieces, are still with us today. But what is it about this decade that keep coming back to? And what are the key pieces still leading menswear today? Keep on reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland to find out.

What Is 60s Style?

As post-war Britain was dismal and full of smog, the 60s captured people’s desire to let loose and have fun. It is true that fashion began to loosen up in the 1950s, but the ‘Big Bang of the ‘60s’ changed everything.

The prime look of the decade was haute-mod and was full of Italian suits, tab-collar shirts, cord trousers and Chelsea boots. The late 60s saw crushed velvet jackets, white suits and lace ruffles.

Key Pieces
Mad Men Suit

If you want to be like Don Draper, the suit is the key. Visionary costume designer Janie Bryant dressed Draper in a version of the classic corporate uniform of the 60s – grey or blue suits, geometric pocket squares and striped ties. This helped to kick start our taste for smarter and more minimal tailoring.


Shaking of the shackles of the old folk and becoming hip, the 60s were truly the decade of the cardigan. Steve McQueen was often spotted rocking a shawl-collar cable-knit and white tee combo.

Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Crucial to the original 60s aesthetic, a long-sleeved knitted polo was a smart equivalent to a shirt and tie. And it still is today. It looked chic under a mohair jacket back then and still looks timeless today under a cashmere blazer.

Harrington Jacket

This sporty, tartan-lined, waisted-length 60s staple has been around since the 30s. However, thanks to US soap Peyton Place, it was rechristened in the 60s. The original Baracuta G9 is still the top choice of lovers of 60s fashion, but there are luxe versions made of merino wool available.

Chelsea Boot

Having been around since the 1851 – Queen Victoria wanted a boot that couldn’t tangle in her stirrups – the Chelsea boot became a staple in the 60s thanks to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Today, this iconic boot comes in many shapes and sizes so it is easy to find one that suits your style.

How 60s fashion is still influencing modern menswear

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