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Reasons to own a pair of ladies plaid trousers

Reasons to own a pair of ladies plaid trousers

If you are looking to add some spice to your wardrobe, look no further than plaid trousers. They have been around for a while and are a great way to incorporate some fun into your look. Whether you are preppy, grunge, smart or super casual with your style, there is a plaid trouser look to suit you.

Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our tips on how to style your plaid trousers.

Crop Top

Your crop top and some plaid trousers not only makes for a fun outfit, but it will give you that youthful look. The key to this look all comes down to high-waisted trousers. They will be the perfect balance to your crop top.

Crops tops can be a great way to dress down your plaid trouser, especially if they are flowy. However, if you feel like dressing up, a fitted plain crop top is the way to go.

White Button-Down Shirt

This is something everyone should have in their wardrobe. A white button-down shirt is that one piece that will never let you down. It works for any occasion, whether you are on a date, working in the office and heading on the school run.

For an office-appropriate look, neatly tuck your shirt into your plaid trousers and complete the look with some heels. Or you can swap your footwear for some ballet flats or brogues. To emphasise your waist, finish your look off with a belt.

White T-Shirt

This look allows you more freedom to choose between classy, dressy, casual, or edgy. Just like your button-down shirt, a white tee is a classic item to have in your wardrobe. Since your trousers will be making the style statement, your white t-shirt gives you a cleaner appearance.


Plaid trousers can be fun and playful so pairing them with a turtleneck gives your outfit a touch of class. Turtlenecks are a great item to have in your wardrobe, especially in the colder months. Today’s turtlenecks come in a range of different styles so have fun and play around.

Graphic Tee

They are bold, comfortable to wear and easy to style. Everyone needs a graphic tee. Plaid trousers, like your graphic tee, can also be bold but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them together. If you do want to rock them both at the same time, choose some plaid trousers that a minimalistic or a graphic tee in a neutral colour.

Why you should own a pair of plaid trousers

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