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Ways to fall in love with your skinny jeans again

Ways to fall in love with your skinny jeans again

Skinny jeans have taken a bit of a hit in popularity recently. More relaxed styles have taken over our wardrobes but, to us, skinny jeans will always be iconic.

And the best way to fall in love with your skinny denim again comes down to your footwear. Ready to liberate your skinnies from the back of your wardrobe? Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our best fashion tips to work those skinnies.

Cropped Jeans + Combat Boots

There is a reason why your favourite supermodels incorporate skinny jeans into the off-duty looks. They are so easy to throw on and look great with everything. Especially combat boots. Get yourself a pair of skinny jeans that stop at your ankle as they look better than ones that are too long. You can call your tailor or go in with a pair of scissors for a frayed look. And you do not have to be a size zero to make this look work. It looks great on everyone.

Light Wash + Knee-High Boots

Skinny jeans are like the blank canvas of denim. You can wear them with everything, and they work on everyone’s body shape. They also work well with almost every type of shoe. So why not pair them with one of the biggest shoe trends in recent years: the knee-high boot? You can pick if it is suede of leather.

Frayed Edges + Trainers

It goes without saying that a pair of white trainers are a wardrobe staple. Let your shoes steal the spotlight by pairing them with ankle-framing skinny jeans. If you like, you can go for ones with a slightly frayed hem. This slightly distressed detail will give your look the right amount of texture.

Faded Black Jeans + Black Boots

If you are looking for the illusion of endless legs, pair black on black. It will be like you cannot tell where your jeans end, and boots begin. If you truly want to elongate your legs, get a black bootie that has a walkable stiletto heel.

Ways to fall in love with your skinny jeans again

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