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Male fashion icons redefining style in the 21st century

Male fashion icons redefining style in the 21st century

The first two decades of the 21st century were ones of constant change. Trends went in and out of fashion quickly and men began to appreciate what they wore.

This shift was down to certain style icons, who inspired guys to try out new trends with their wardrobe. Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for our picks of just some of the icons who redefined style in the 21st century.

Alex Turner

The Arctic Monkeys have established themselves as one of the biggest acts on the planet. And you cannot deny that lead man Alex Turner has some serious style. While his early stage presence consisted of skinny jeans and sports tees, his new style has taken on a rockabilly edge. He has helped bring the Cuban shirt, wide-lapelled suits and two-tone brogues to new audiences.


The OG rap mogul, Diddy’s Sean John label helped the fashion industry to take rapped hemlines seriously. Not only that, but he helped established what hip-hop looked like in the first few years of this century. While there are some trends that definitely belong in the past, Diddy checked off double denim, sharp tailoring and logomania. And this was long before these trends found their way onto runways in the 2010s.

Harry Styles

You might think that it is too early in Styles’ career to call him an icon, but we disagree. By challenging Bowie and Prince, he has reinvented himself post One Direction with a variety of flared and ruffled outfits. The fashion industry loves to throw the words ‘gender fluid’ around. However, it rarely transitioned from the runway into the real world. Fashion icons like Styles have proven that the masculine way to wear your wardrobe is by embracing your feminine side.

Kanye West

This bona fide fashion icon has completely reinvented streetwear. While Mr. West is responsible for a number of trends, his most enduring one is his colour palette for his Yeezy line. Blending shades of pink and drab olives and khakis, Kanye has experimented with silhouettes and fabrics constantly. This has helped his create an aesthetic that is distinctive as well as shifting.

Tom Ford

Uniforms were a big part of the first two decades of the 21st century. And no one does uniform like Tom Ford. This influential designer left the 2010s like he started in 2000s: a black suit with white shirt, unbuttoned almost at the naval. however, Ford has proved not only the importance of a uniform, but the importance of tweaking it. He has tried his look in double denim, velvet and in suede. Rather than have his signature look by a fashion straightjacket, Ford showed us that it is all about being consistent.

Male fashion icons redefining style in the 21st century

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