Gigi Hadid fashion 2021

The best style tips to take from Gigi Hadid 2021

The best style tips to take from Gigi Hadid 2021

Looking great in just about everything, Gigi Hadid has made her mark on the fashion industry. She has managed to find the balance between easy-going attitude and elegance. Although this can be hard to replicate, it’s not impossible. If you are looking to bring of Gigi Hadid’s style into your wardrobe, keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out.

Embrace Athleisure

Hadid’s easy-going style comes down to athleisure. It is not surprising that the supermodel is often seen wearing clothes that have an athletic twist. Some of her classic outfits are often made using basic wardrobe pieces like crop tops, leggings, sneakers and sweats. To nail her off-duty look, try mixing some of your workout gear with your everyday wardrobe. You can pair your tracksuit bottoms with a cute crop top with an oversized blazer.

Ripped Denim

This one is a major part of Hadid’s style. Whether she is at an event, a photoshoot or just enjoying a day out, Gigi is often seen in a pair of dishevelled denim. As this is one star that loves to experiment with her fashion choices, she doesn’t stick to own pair of denim. So, she usually rocks anything from black skinny jeans to light blue boyfriend ones.

To wear ripped denim, pair a classic pair of blue jeans with a black bodysuit or crop top if the weather is warm.

Over-The-Knee Boots

One of the best things about Hadid’s style is that she is not afraid to make a statement with her clothing. And what better way to make a statement than with over-the-knee boots. They instantly draw attention to the model’s long and lean legs and help to make a flattering appearance.

When wearing your over-the-knee boots, show some of your thigh. This will help to break up your outfit and make your legs look longer.

Crop Tops

You can probably guess by now that one of Gigi’s favourite fashion pieces is a crop top. And they are usually the cute and simple crew-neck t-shirts that are comfortable to wear. Of course, the supermodel knows that wearing a crop top is all about balance. So, keep things simple by pairing your crop top with some skinny jeans or sweats.

The best style tips to take from Gigi Hadid 2021

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