Cardi B in her new Reebok Mommy & Me footwear collection 2021

Cardi B unveils Mommy & Me footwear collection

Cardi B unveils Mommy & Me footwear collection

In Irish fashion news, American musician Cardi B has launched her new Mommy & Me shoe collection with German sports fashion house Reebok.

The 28-year-old singer has again partnered with Reebok but this time for a footwear collection inspired by her daughter. The new drop by the New York native includes an updated series of new sneakers from her Club C Cardi range that she first unveiled back in November 2020.

Cardi B joined the German sportswear company as their ambassador back in 2018 and announced their apparel line called the Summertime Fine Collection back in April with their line described as a nod to ’90s fashion reflecting on Cardi’s memories of visiting Coney Island NY during the summer.

According to Reebok, Cardi’s new footwear pieces from her Mommy & Me collection takes inspiration from Cardi’s 2-year-old daughter Kulture describing her indescribable feeling of love Cardi experienced when her daughter was born.

The Club C Cardi sneakers comes in both a Rose Gold and Aqua Dust design which are inspired by special moments Cardi shares with her daughter Kulture.

The Cardi B Rose Gold sport shoe is described by Reebok as shiny and feminine as well as being strong and durable. Her Aqua Dust shoe design is based on the Aquamarine stone that represents clarity, calm and relaxation which is a reflection on how Cardi feels about motherhood.

The US rapper dropped a shot video on her social media showing the star face timing her 2-year-old daughter in celebration of her new Mommy & Me footwear collection

In the short clip, Cardi B is seen telling her daughter Kulture: “You’re beautiful, you’re smart. You’ve got successful parents. The whole world loves you. Ain’t no way you can’t make your dreams come true.”

Cardi also shares some of her own parenting advice to others saying “Don’t be reading books on how to become a parent,” “Trust me, once the baby’s here, it’s almost like you know. It just comes naturally.”

The new Reebok x Cardi B Mommy & Me collection comes in adult, junior and infant sizes and is available online now at the Reebok online store.


Cardi B unveils Mommy & Me footwear collection

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