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Styling tips to help you wear platform shoes

Styling tips to help you wear platform shoes

Nowadays, everyone owns a lot of shoes. Some are casual, while some are more formal. But one of the biggest shoe trends in recent years has to be the platform. These 70s staple have made a comeback in a big way and we could not be happier.

But, if you are unsure of how to style them, don’t fret. here at Ladies fashion Ireland we have put together some style tips to make things easier.

Keep Colours Neutral

If you love the platforms of the 70s, you will know that they are usually loud, bold and colourful. Which can make them intimidating to wear if you don’t know how. The best way is to keep everything else simple and let your shoes do the talking.

Jeans And A Nice Top

Remember the days of choosing jeans and a nice top when going out on the town? Pairing your platforms with simple outfits will help them to stand out. if you feel like platforms do not work with jeans, take a look at 70s fashion and come back to us.

Skirt And A Nice Top

Grunge never really went out of style so don’t be afraid of pairing your leather skirt with your platform boots. And finish your look off with a band t-shirt. Thankfully, skirts are always in style and always look great with your platforms.

Match Leather With Leather

Leather on leather will always look stylish and fashion forward. If you own some leather platforms, why not rock them with your jeans, white tee and your leather jacket. For an all rocking look, you can finish with some dark lipstick or nail polish.

Pair Masculine With Feminine

Do you have a pair of chunky, masculine looking platforms? Why not pair them with something feminine, like a floral dress or skirt. Androgynous outfits are becoming more mainstream, with people not afraid to let go of gender norms and wear what they want. You can rock your skirt, dress or even up do with some platform boots. It’s the perfect way to add some edge to your look.

Styling tips to help you wear platform shoes

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