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Menswear fashion pieces that get better with age

Menswear fashion pieces that get better with age

Some things get better with age: cast iron pans, wine, Clooney or Beckham. Whichever one you fancy.

And this rule is equally true when it comes to certain clothing. We live in a world of ever-changing trends and disposable fashion. So, it’s nice to know that there are some things that are in it for the long haul.

From leather to denim, keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland to find out the top menswear pieces that get better over time.

Leather Jacket

Much like a human’s, cow skin will warp to tell the story of those who wear it. Good leather jackets will cling and mould along your joints and crevices for a better fit the longer you wear it.

The colour distortion along the elbows and around the pockets makes it even better. A high-quality leather jacket will last you a lifetime. And, as it looks good in a number of occasions, it will collect just as many stories as you will.

Raw Denim Jeans

Raw denim refers to denim that has been unwashed at the manufacturing stage. This means that the dye clings to the cotton in a deeper hue. For all you jeans lovers out there, this has two advantages.

One, the cotton is more pliable and moulds to your legs better. Two, the dye will take on unique characteristics with time. which means you will have a pair of jeans distinct to you.

Canvas Shoes

People seem to buy into the lie that casual footwear needs to look pristine all the time. While this may be true of some luxury trainers, pristine white shoes can look too clinical.

Sometime with more charm is a battered pair of Chuck Taylors. With cotton-based shoes, the dye will fade and give an understated feel. And the rubber and canvas will mould to your feet over time.

Leather Shoes

Preferably ones that are well made. After all, they are the foundation on which your outfit will be based. Once broken in, a decent pair of Oxfords or Derbies will mould to your feet and grow more comfortable with each wear.

Velvet Dinner Jacket

This black tie feature will lend a timeless quality to any formal event. Partly due to the decadence of velvet, but also how the material develops over time. As the fibres of velvet stand up in a tufted pile, you will gently crush the rich fabric anytime you wear it. As a result, you will have a blazer with a deep and distinct appearance that gets better with age.

Menswear fashion pieces that get better with age

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