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Styling mistakes that make you look older

Styling mistakes that make you look older

With the many style rules that are thrown at us from a young age, it is no wonder we all develop a complex around our clothing. Your mother might have told you an all-black outfit was slimming or that one type of skirt makes your shoulders look wide.

This unsolicited advice can have us clinging onto our boring comfort zone as well as looking older. keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out how your current wardrobe can age you and how to fix it.

Stop Wearing Too Many Trends Together

You think that trendy pieces will make you look youthful. However, there is such thing as doing too much. Because of the sheer volume of different trends nowadays, it can be hard to keep up. When adding new things to your cart, think about how you would wear them with what you already own.

Rather than go all in with loads of different trends, choose one or two that you will actually wear. Don’t know where to start? Invest in one trendy accessory that goes with the majority of your wardrobe.

Stop Wearing Only Black

We all have our fashion comfort zones. And many of us have been told that the trendiest thing we can wear is an all-black outfit. While there is definitely a time and place for black, wearing it all the time can age you. Does this mean you need to start wearing bright colours if that just isn’t your thing?

Absolutely not. Simply wearing neutrals that are not black can give off a youthful appearance. If there is a colour you have always wanted to wear, try it out.

Wearing Clothes That Don’t Fit Right

Wearing clothes that don’t fit is never a good look, no matter how long you have had them in your wardrobe. It can be tempting to hold onto something for nostalgia reasons, but if it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. Instead, try and consistently clean out your current wardrobe. Evaluate what is already in your wardrobe and be strict with yourself. Never keep pieces in the hope that you will wear them again.

Wearing The Wrong Bra

This is another thing that many of us are guilty of doing. We constantly wear bras that no longer fit or didn’t fit right in the first place. Too big or too small, it will show in the way your clothes hand from your body. if there is one place in your wardrobe to splurge, it is your underwear. Let go of the ones you never reach for, the ones that are all stretched out and the ones that don’t fit anymore. It just takes one good bra that fits right to change your life.

Styling mistakes that make you look older

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