How to style ladies gilets this Spring 2021 Ireland

How to style ladies gilets this Spring 2021

How to style ladies gilets this Spring 2021

It’s springtime ladies which means springtime fashion is back. Although temperatures are not quite at summertime level, the days are getting warmer. Layering is especially important during spring days or nights. It’s fair to day you can park your winter coats way until the latter months of the year.

One great body insulator for the months ahead for any stylish woman is the ladies gilet or bodywarmer. Not as heavy as a jacket, the gilet can stylishly protect you from the elements without the constraints of bulky winter coats.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you some simple ways to style ladies gilets this spring 2021. From fleece finishes to padded style finishes, the ladies gilet is a must for any true stylish women this spring.

The gilet explained

The gilet dates back to the 15th century where in France they were reserved and worn by peasants. However, fast forward to the 16th century across Europe and the gilet was adopted by the gentry as a stylish sleeveless jacket to keep the upper class warm and stylish.

More commonly worn by men of the day, the gilet is now a fashion favourite of all sexes. Its stylish waistcoat design allows the wearer to show off their under-fashion garments while providing protection to the torso.

Thanks to innovative fashion, today the gilet comes in all shapes, sizes and wonderful material. From nylon padded gilets, to soft leather and woollen mixes, the gilet is a fashionable outwear piece for women of all ages. Its versatility means it can be rolled up and carried anyway until other bulky winter coats or jackets.

How to style ladies gilets

Before we move forward let’s be clear that the gilet is maxes out as part of any semi casual wardrobe look. It can be paired with almost anything including shirts, trousers and athleisurewear.

Ladies Padded Gilet Ireland

Ladies Padded Gilet

Choosing the right gilet is important as you want it to have multi-functional uses so it can be paired with different pieces from your wardrobe. Fit, colour, style and usage are the four main factors to consider when choosing the right ladies gilet for you.

The casual lades gilet look

One of the cool things about the gilet is its versatility. Being a sleeveless number, it can be worn in comfort with light material clothing underneath while still keeping the body insulated.

A neutral-coloured gilet can go with almost anything. Striped hoodies allow you to get inventive with your gilet look. Add a pair of mom jeans and white sneakers for any true relaxed day-off look. Padded gilets are a good choice for the casual gilet finish.

The smart casual lades gilet look

OK, this is where you are moving your fashion look up a notch using your gilet. It’s time to start thinking material finishes and colour. Opt for a gilet with a less padded finish.

Again, neutral choices are best (faux fur a great choice) as they pair with almost anything. Ladies roll neck sweaters, or a smart white shirt fused with fitted trousers or jeans look simply fabulous.

Compete the look with a stylish pair of Chelsea boots or slip-on low-rise heels. Its springtime smart casual fashion you will be able to enjoy while staying warm.

The right gilet fit

Like most things in fashion the fit is key to nailing any great look. Always ensure that your choice of gilet sits well on the shoulders. A fitted finish is vital, so it doesn’t look bulky or oversized. It should land 4 inches max below your belt fine and fit snug (not tight) to the body.

Ways to maintain your gilet

Clothing maintenance is one thing most of us are all guilty of when buying any fashion garment. Yes, they may look great on but at some time or another, they do need to be cleaned.

The likes of padded nylon gilets are normally a straightforward “throw in the washer machine” and dry. Others like suede or leather gilets are a bit trickier. They may require “dry-cleaning” only which is an added expense to maintaining your great gilet fashion look.


How to style ladies gilets this Spring 2021

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