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How to turn your old jeans into cutoff shorts

How to turn your old jeans into cutoff shorts

We don’t know about you, but any attempt of changing our clothes better not involve complicated measurements, a sewing machine or any effort. Sometime, what looks like an easy task descends into an all-day affair. However, cutting your old jeans into shorts is super simple.

All you need is a pair of scissors, a marker and of course, an old pair of jeans. If you are in the mood to do some DIY and revive old clothes, just keep here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out.

What You Will Need
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric marker or chalk (you can use a white pencil eyeliner)
  • Some old jeans
How To Make Your Shorts

First, cut off the majority of fabric of your trouser so you have knee-length shorts. This will make your jeans easier to handle without all that extra material getting in the way.

Next, put your jeans on and fold the edge of one leg to create the shape you are after. Make your inseam longer than the sides rather than going straight across. This is the shape that tends to be the most flattering.

Then, mark along the edge with your chalk or marker so you will know where to cut them when you take them off.

Simply, cut along the marked edge, going slightly below it. This is because your shorts will fray and shrink in the wash. Fold your shorts in half to create the other leg. If you want your short to be looser, cut small slits into the side.

How To Create Distressed Shorts

After you create your shorts, there are just one or two steps to give them that on trend distressed look. first, create some horizontal stripes about an inch apart.

Make your stripes as long as you want your hole to be. Next, take some tweezers and start plucking all the blue threads out of the stripes. When it comes to denim, the blue runs vertically and the white horizontally. Finish by throwing your shorts in the washing machine to create that frayed, distressed look.

How to turn your old jeans into cutoff shorts

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