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Ways to style your face mask to match your outfit

Ways to style your face mask to match your outfit

Now that the country is reopening and we are out in public a bit more, we are faced with a fashion challenge. Finding ways to make sure your face mask match your outfit.

Luckily, it is not as hard as you’d think. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for some helpful tips and matching your face mask to your outfit.

Stick To One Colour

Monochrome outfits always look chic and are easy to pull together. Coordinating your face mask to the rest of your ensemble will elongate your frame by continuing the line of colour.

Choose The Right Accessories

Matching your mask to your headband, earrings, scrunchie, shoes or handbag is the perfect way to make you look more cohesive. Even if there are some clashing aspects to your outfit. Just make sure that you match your face mask to at least one accessory and it will pull your whole look together.

Or Try Something Subtle

If you are not the biggest fan of matching your outfit, try something a bit more subdued. Match a small detail on your face mask to your outfit instead. If you are rocking a floral mask, this could be something simple as wearing a top in a similar colour. This will make it seem like the two clearly go together – despite them being from different material.

Mix Your Florals

Every spring and summer, florals dominate fashion trends. Which means that everyone is mixing and matching florals of different shapes and sizes. So, why not power clash your face mask to your flower-covered dress or top? The key to really nailing this look is to have at least one aspect in common, such as colour.

Or Mix Your Prints

Yep. The brightest face mask that you possess can be worn with any print you can think of. Try pairing one low-key print with an over-the-top one, like stripes with tie-dye. This will ensure your outfit is balanced and you do not overwhelm the eyes.

Ways to style your face mask to match your outfit

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