Tips to walking in ladies heels safely Ireland 2021

Tips to walking in ladies heels safely

Tips to walking in ladies heels safely

Ay true fashionista knows that heels make the perfect addition to any stylish outfit. They can elongate the look of the legs giving you that Supermodel look.

However, to some, wearing heels can be a true challenge. Between blisters and painful rubbing of the feet, heels can be more of a chore that foot fashion bliss.

There is also the safety aspect that comes with wearing any high rise heel. If the height is not proportioned to your body there is also a danger of falling over and even worse doing injury to your body.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland. we have put together some tricks to allow you to wear your heels in both comfort and safety.

Get the posture right

One of the key things to wearing heels the right way to stand up straight. Every woman should know this as your posture when wearing heels allows you to walk in them correctly. If your posture is correct, it provides balance to the sole of the heel. Walk tall, head up please.

Put your inner core to work

Having a strong inner core provides for a good solid posture. Exercising the body with yoga or pilates can strengthen all areas of your legs and midriff. It can help strengthen muscles you never knew you had, making walking in heels a dam sight easier.

For those of you about to jump into a pair of stylish heels, here’s one exercise to try to get your prepared. Before wearing heels, try walking around your home on the balls of your feet. This actually helps to strengthen both your legs and ankles.

Try and test your heels

Any woman who is used to wearing heels on a regular basis knows that not every pair of heel suits your foot. This is a fact given that the shape and size of each foot differs to others.

When you choose your pair of heels make sure to wear them around the home before venturing outside. This allows your feet to get used to the shape and feel of your choice of heel.

Michael Kors Catia Pump Court Shoe from Arnotts

Michael Kors Catia Pump Court Shoe from Arnotts

Wear them on a carpet finish also as not to scuff the soles. Shops won’t accept any return of your shoe if the sole looks worn. One other big tip we always say to people is never try on shoes you are going to buy before noon. After this time the blood flow to the foot should be its normal.

Tips to remember when choosing your shoe

All shoe designs are different and getting the right heel for your foot is going to be key in determining home comfy and safe they are to wear. Remember the following

  • The ball of your foot must rest evenly on the widest part of the shoe
  • Feet size differ and each of your feet can be bigger than the other. Always opt for the size that suits the biggest of your feet.
  • The length of your choice of show must always fit your longest toe.
  • Again, try before you buy. See if the style of shoe you like matches your own style. Can you pair it with multiple outfits in your wardrobe? Small things like these are important to remember.
Stepping out is important

The trick to walking in heels is trying the Y-step. Each step you take try and land on the outer border of the heel and toe.

This is important when walking in high heels to always lead with the ball of the foot. Don’t try and lead with the heel as weight of your body tends to make the high heel collapse.

This can result in you losing your balance and falling over. Not only can this be dangerous but also cause unwanted embarrassment.

Walking in heels on different surfaces

When walking on concrete footpaths or hard flooring, ensure to walk lightly under foot with no abrasive heavy steps. Always lead with the ball of your foot.

Moving over the softer surfaces like grass, be sure to engage your calf muscles by lifting yourself even higher in your heels. This helps elongate your look which elevates your high heel above the grass line. This avoids the heel from sinking.


Tips to walking in ladies heels safely

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