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Simple tips to help you clean up your beauty routine

Simple tips to help you clean up your beauty routine

Although cleaning up your beauty routine is great in theory, it can be intimidating. Especially when you are reading through confusing ingredients or sorting your current makeup collection.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be simple as getting to know a few common ingredients or swapping in a new moisturiser. Every little helps for both your skin and the environment. Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we will show you how you can clean up your beauty routine.


In order for you to clean up your beauty routine, you need to clean out your beauty products. And we mean you should sort through all of your products and get rid of anything that is not crucial to your routine. That means getting rid of expired products and things you never use.

Like all things deep clean, this is where tough love comes in – nobody likes to get rid of anything they spent money on. But if it is just taking up space, it’s time to go.

Read The Labels

Beauty lovers know that reading your product label is no different than reading a nutrition label in a shop. You are looking out for different ingredients and things that look questionable. However, this can take time and practice. And don’t just ban ingredients you do not recognise. Usually, good-for-you ingredients are listed under scientific names.


Once you familiarise yourself with different ingredients, it’s time to take a look at your skin’s needs. While it may be tempting to follow trends, it’s more important to find what works for your skin. Decide what products you want to keep in rotation and what to replace.

While it is easy to get caught up in ‘good’ and ‘bad’ products, things are rarely so black and white. Something that causes sensitivity in one skin might be fine for another person. Even though it is amazing to dive deep into clean beauty, it is also a commitment. So, it’s okay to ease into it rather than dive in.


This is the fun part. Simply, find your new favourites and experiment until you find something that works for you. As you continue to read labels and get to know clean beauty brands, you will soon become an expert about what you are putting onto your skin.

Simple tips to help you clean up your beauty routine

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