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Fashion influencers can earn directly from Instagram

Fashion influencers can earn directly from Instagram

In Irish fashion news, Irish fashion influencers could be set for big cash incomes with plans underway for them to earn money directly from accounts on Instagram.

Instagram which was bought by Facebook back in 2012 for $1 billion dollars today has over a billion users and up until the start of this year had contributed $20 billion annually to Facebook’s revenue.

This news comes in the wake of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg confirming his company plan to add features for content creators on the Instagram platform during a live streaming conversation with Adam Mosseri, who is the head of the Instagram social network

Mark explained during his chat with Adam that content creators will be able to earn money by promoting products on the app through a marketplace that has been created to help connect brands with influencers.

To add to this, Instagram are planning to launch their own “creator shops” which is being designed to satisfy the creative economy in which influencers, journalists and other public figures can earn directly from their followers on platforms such as Clubhouse, Patreon, Substack and YouTube.

Adam Mosseri from Instagram commented that by fostering the meeting between brands and influencers, Instagram can help smaller content creators, who can do an extraordinary job for brands, to earn more.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that ad revenue in for the first quarter of 2021 had risen by 46% to $25.44 billion dollars which according to Facebook will be used to invest in technical and product talent as well as consumer hardware.

In relation to the recent privacy changes implemented by Apple, Sheryl Sandberg who is Operating Chief for Facebook commented that Facebook are rebuilding meaningful elements of their ad-tech so that our system continues to perform when we have access to less data in the future.

Sheryl said. “It’s also on us to keep making the case that personalised advertising is good for people and businesses, and to better explain how it works so that people realise that personalised ads are privacy protective.”


Fashion influencers can earn directly from Instagram

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