H&M role models campaign

H&M are looking for children role models

H&M are looking for children role models

In Irish fashion news, fashion retailer, H&M have launched a global initiative, looking to find and support young social, environmental, and civic role models.

The Swedish fashion house that was founded in 1947 in Västerås, Sweden are looking to find young role models and tell their stories how they have managed to have an impact in the world.

H&M’s goal is to showcase the impact that these young role models have on their local environment as well as use money raised through their sustainable fashion clothing line to offer financial assistance to each of their causes

In a media statement released by Global Sustainability Manager for H&M, Pascal Brun, commented that H&M feel a certain responsibility to use their size as a global company to create change today and for the future.

Pascal said “We’re ambitious in our goals to make our business more equitable and sustainable so the world is better for future generations. Part of that is making the decision to amplify the voices of role models who are making a difference today: kids.”

The Swedish fashion house have already recruited the services of American two-time Academy-Award nominated director Bryan Buckley to create a short-film which H&M hope will get the world talking on how to rethink the way we look at role models. Buckley’s work is created to highlight big and small initiatives that improve our world.

According to H&M, the purpose of their short film is to illustrate how young people view adults today, while evoking the central idea that the leadership and the urgency for change we need is within them.

H&M are now looking for people to share their own role model story that they hope will inspiring to other people that will bring forward kids with the potential and purpose to make grownups feel small.

This new global initiative from H&M is designed to supporting, improving and contributing to a better future for children and parents alike with H&M wanting to amplify the optimistic, collaborative, free-thinking spirit of kids.

To get involved, nominations for role models can be made on the H&M’s on-line fashion website. H&M will then later this highlight ways how the broader community can get involved.


H&M are looking for children role models

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