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Beauty tips how to apply your liquid foundation

Beauty tips how to apply your liquid foundation

One of the first makeup products people buy is foundation. But liquid foundation can be a bit tricky to deal with if you don’t know how.

No matter how you apply it, it can sometimes look uneven and streaky. But it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland for our tips on how to apply your liquid foundation the right way.


People have been using sponges to apply their foundation for years and we can see why. It is one of the best ways to ensure smooth foundation application.

The key is to wet your sponge first. This will help give you even coverage and minimise product absorption. Dip your wet sponge in your foundation on the back of your hand and apply it to your skin using a dabbing motion.


Between slapping on some cream blush, patting on some lipstick or applying liquid foundation, we use our fingers in our beauty routine more than we think.

If you are not crazy about applying foundation, hear us out first. It can warm up your product and give a more natural finish to your skin. If you are going to apply your foundation this way, however, it’s best to give yourself more time than you normally would. This way, you can make sure you are blending and smoothing any edges and avoid streaks.

Before you go near your face, make sure your fingers are clean. It might be a bit overkill but try to wash your hands in between every makeup step. This will avoid colour transfer and keep germs to a minimum. Once dry, apply some foundation to the back of your hands. Use your finger to dot your foundation onto your skin, starting at your T-zone and blend out.


When using a brush, it is important to use a synthetic one. Natural bristles can be porous, meaning they can absorb some product. Synthetic brushes will keep your foundation on your skin, where it’s supposed to be.

And before you grab your foundation brush, hang on a minute. A fluffy brush like a blush brush will give you a super smooth and airbrushed finish. When it comes to foundation, it is entirely up to you. Matte, sheer or satin finish, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as you are using the right products for your skin.

Beauty tips how to apply your liquid foundation

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