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Ways to help you prepare your summer wardrobe

Ways to help you prepare your summer wardrobe

Let’s be honest, the past year has been somewhat of a disaster when it comes to fashion. With lockdowns and restriction of movement none of us have had chance to show off our own clever fashion styling.

However, as we move out of lockdown it’s chin up time as summer is nearly here. We don’t have to wait for the green light on the lifting of restrictions when it comes to summer fashion. All of us can start planning our summer wardrobe now to be ready for great fashionable summer.

This starts with cleaning out and reorganising your wardrobe, right? It’s about making way for the basic fashion essentials so you can build many fashion looks for the season ahead.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you simple ways to construct a great summer capsule wardrobe. Without too much hassle or stress, anyone can do this within a few hours with magnificent results guaranteed.

Be mindful of your summer activities

Like any wardrobe look, it should be based around your own lifestyle. If you are a gal that likes to party, then dresses or classy outfits are important.

If you are an active person then stylish activewear will make up the foundation of your closet looks. Regardless of your own lifestyle choices, summer fashion basics are any essential for any great fashion wardrobe look. Always have on had

  • 3 pairs of jeans in different styles, shades and designs.
  • 3 different style dresses. One colour block dress for more formal dress me up occasions. Floral print designs because it is summer
  • 4 shirts (1 dress me up the others casual)
  • 5 tees in different shades (3 being neutral tones)
  • 2 different pairs of shows that can be paired with different outfits
  • 3 stylish tops or cardigans for when the climate dips
  • 3 pairs of dress up or down shorts.
  • A swimsuit and bikini
Look for inspiration

It’s always good to cast your eye over various fashion trends and styling tips across fashion magazines. See what is trending and take inspiration from styles you like. Use these to construct styles that you personally like.

Don’t stray outside your comfort zone

This is very important to remember when styling any type of clothing. What looks great on others might not do it for you. While it’s always great to experiment with different styles, only go one’s that you feel comfortable with.

Ask trusted friends for their opinions on your fashion choice looks. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable with your new choice of clothing, you won’t wear them.

Think climate

Given our own unpredictable weather here in Ireland, climate will determine your choice of clothing styles. When building any fashion wardrobe for summer, layering must always be factored in.

It’s important to have a nice cardigan (neutral shade) to throw over your fashion assemble when temperatures dip. This allows for it to blend in effortlessly with your outfit.

Multi-factor usage

When building any closet arsenal of fashion, always consider multi-usage. By this we mean, can your fashion item be paired with other pieces within your wardrobe? Also could it be worn for other seasons like autumn/ winter.

This won’t apply for most dresses, but applies to accessories and footwear. By considering multi-use fashion items can save you money in the long run. This is especially important when shopping on a budget.


We all love to accessorise during summer, right? That cute bag or scarf plus shades can transform any fashion look in an instant. Having the latest luxury fashion brand isn’t going to guarantee a great fashion finish.

Accessories that look good and again have multi-usage are always a great choice. Pieces that can fuse with swanky or delicious dresses and shorts are good accessory pieces.

Sunglasses that also blend with almost any summer fashion outfit is also important. It’s worth investing in a quality pair of shades that are suitable 365 days of the year.


Ways to help you prepare your summer wardrobe

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