Men wearing trousers 2021

Men’s trouser styles that aren’t denim

Men’s trouser styles that aren’t denim

The right pair of trousers will always be the best thing in your wardrobe. And it is easy to just slip on your favourite black denim jeans. However, there are some unsung trousers styles that you should consider wearing instead.

Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for our picks of the best trousers styles to own that are not denim but look equally stylish.


Corduroy has become one of the most durable fabrics in menswear. And thanks to a revival in 70s fashion trends, there is no better time to break out the corduroy trousers.

Thanks to their durability, corduroy trousers can withstand their fair share of rough and tumble. However, they do get a bit warm so best leave them for cold days.

Though they may have stuffy connotations, corduroy looks great when dressed down. Team dark corduroy with your favourite sweatshirt and practical sneakers. A slim-cut corduroy suit looks perfect with knitwear and monk-strap shoes.


A fan favourite of fashion bloggers and artist alike, wool trousers throw it back to days when denim did not reign supreme.

Ideal for smartening up a casual look or styling with other tailoring separates, wool trousers have been around for decades. People often dress them down with some trainers, they work well when styled the traditional way. For example, throw on some knitwear and Derbies for a smart-casual look.


Due to its hardy nature, twill is worth the investment. While many may think of this fabric as out-dated, they could not be more wrong. Thanks to its quality craftsmanship and reliability, twill deserves a spot in your wardrobe.

Twill chinos are still a casual trouser so pair them with an easy-going shoe, a t-shirt or some type of knitwear.


There has been a bit of a backlash against skinny styles recently. Which means that more relaxed fits are becoming more popular.

Although they may be perfect for your standout footwear, you need to choose relaxed chinos or trousers that break perfectly. If they are too long, they will drag across the floor. Too long, and you look like you are wearing cropped trousers. The main issue to avoid is a pooling situation. We suggest aiming for your hem to fall between the top of your shoe and the first eyelet.

To style your trousers, wearing something tight-fitting on top. This will help you avoid looking like you raided your dad’s wardrobe.


Long ago, linen trousers were mishaps and had no place in men’s wardrobes. Thankfully, times have changed, and designers have done a lot to revive them. shapeless cuts have been replaced with tapered and modern leg-lines. As a result, you now have trousers that flatter everyone. Not to mention, linen is a lot less prone to creasing while still being as breezy as ever.

For an old-time feel, try wearing a linen suit. However, for a more modern feel, wear them cropped with a white t-shirt and trainers.

Men’s trouser styles that aren’t denim

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