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Ways to make faux freckles look natural with makeup

Ways to make faux freckles look natural with makeup

Whether you have them naturally or you fake it ‘til you make it, freckles are gorgeous and look cute on everyone. And they have become a very popular makeup trend in recent years.

Since freckles make your skin look flushed and healthy, you might need some help recreating them if you haven’t been born with them already. The good news is that they are totally achievable through makeup. Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we’ve put together some of the best methods for creating faux freckles at home.

Look At Your Brow Pencil

The key to faux freckles is making them look believable. So, you’ll want to avoid ones that are a noticeable contrast to your skin or hair. As your brow pencil can be natural in tone, they are a great way to create some faux freckles.

As there are many different brow products available nowadays, it is all about using different ones to create your look. Although we recommend ones with a precise tip as they allow you more control. When practising with your brow pencil, try some different sized freckles to see which ones you like. While you will want to avoid ones that are too large, try to have some of them misshaped as they will come across as more natural.

Use Waterproof Liner

If you are short on time, your liner in brown will work in a pinch. When using waterproof formulas, remember that once they touch your skin, they are more difficult to remove. So, it’s best to try out some practice strokes beforehand.

If you are using an eyeliner pencil, gently apply it to your skin to create a faint dot and then press harder so your freckle becomes more visible. With liquid liner, press the tip on a paper towel to get the ink flowing. And be sure to keep your hands off your face throughout the day so you don’t disturb your handiwork.

Use A Stencil

If you are intimidated by the thought of creating fake freckles on your own, stencils can come in handy. Place your stencil across your face and use makeup to fill in the areas where your freckles should be. If you want your freckles to last, spray some setting spray to your skin and you’re done.

Ways to make faux freckles look natural with makeup

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