The Stella x Greenpeace capsule

The Stella x Greenpeace fashion capsule

The Stella x Greenpeace fashion capsule

In sustainable fashion news, fashion designer Stella McCartney has partnered with Greenpeace for a new capsule that is designed in support of deforestation in the Amazon.

The 49-year-old London fashion designer who is known for her strong views in supporting sustainability within the fashion industry has launched her new clothing capsule collection that supports Greenpeace’s campaign to stop deforestation in the Amazon forest that is caused by the demand for increased meat and industrial agriculture.

According to Stella, The Stella x Greenpeace fashion capsule demonstrates a shared commitment by herself and Greenpeace to conserving wildlife and the planet while together celebrating the two organisations respective 20th and 50th anniversaries which is part of her new summer 2021 collection.

Launched last Friday 23rd April 2021, McCartney’s fashion capsule includes creative graphics that are inspired by vintage eco-activist designs that are includes in 2 if her tees and sweatshirts that are constructed using soft organic cotton in pale blue and white marble colour-ways.

Talking about her new The Stella x Greenpeace fashion capsule, the mother of 4 children said in a media statement “Stella McCartney has been a vegetarian brand since day one, and I could not be prouder to support an incredible organisation like Greenpeace to celebrate our anniversaries and raise awareness of this urgent issue.”

“I hope things do not return to normal in 2021 – rather, I hope we return to life more mindful, particularly when it comes to our decisions. Precious forests, like the Amazon, should not be destroyed to produce industrial meat sold around the world. Simply reducing meat in your diet can help protect the Amazon from deforestation and safeguard this vital ecosystem and our climate for future generations.”

The infamous environmentally and sustainable fashion designer will also ensure that her Stella McCartney Cares Foundation will donate proceeds to Greenpeace in support of their campaign to stop deforestation in the Amazon.

Pieces from The Stella x Greenpeace fashion capsule start at €265 and are available to buy on-line at

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