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Ways to choose the best ladies suit for your body shape

Ways to choose the best ladies suit for your body shape

Whether you think of 80s power suits or classic Chanel, suits have always been a big factor in women’s fashion and have been for a long time.

Today, they take on a new meaning when it comes to style. When wearing the right suit, you will look professional, business-savvy, fashionable and impeccably dressed. In other words, you will feel like you can take on the world. Just so long as you do it right.

From high-waisted trousers to cropped blazers, it’s important to find the right suit for your body shape. Keep on reading here at Ladies Fashion Ireland for our tips to help you find the right suit for you.


A classic shape, this is when the hips and bust are roughly equal and your waist is slightly smaller. To show off your figure, look for suits that accentuate your waist. High waisted trousers and blazer jackets with a belt are a great combination. Suits that have a wrap-style jacket also work well.


This body shape is usually where your hips, waist and bust are roughly aligned. You shouldn’t pointedly emphasise your waist, or lack of, so choose blazers that have a longer-line and wear them open. Low or high-rise trousers will also give some structure to your body shape. But the key to getting the right suit for straight body types is all about the right jacket.


Apple body types have broad shoulders and bust with a not so obvious waist and small hips. For this particular body shape, you want to look for blazers that cut at your hips and avoid double breasted blazer. This tend to make you look bustier. Statement lapels will draw attention away from your shoulders and to the V-shape at the front, which looks great on apple body shapes.


If you have a pear body shape, you usually have relatively small shoulders and bust with a small waist. Your hips are usually on the bigger side. With that in mind, your figure will suit a cropped jacket. Look for boxy and shorter blazer jackets and team them with high-waisted trousers.

Ways to choose the best ladies suit for your body shape

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