Styling tips to wearing activewear away from the gym Ireland

Styling tips to wearing activewear away from the gym

Styling tips to wearing activewear away from the gym

Once reserved for inside the gym, activewear now is socially accepted as part of any daily fashion wear. This is mainly due to lockdown where suits and formal wear have taken a backseat in daily dress.

With most of us continuing to work from home, there is no need or demand to be suited and booted. In fact, the opposite applies as we want to be able to mix work with homestyle living and this applies to our fashion needs.

Thanks to the Coronavirus, more fashion houses are expanding their activewear collections. This gives us more choice in how we want to look with comfort and style at the heart of our fashion choices.

However, this doesn’t mean “anything goes” and finding a style that suits your own look is as important as the clothes themselves.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we have picked out a few ways to help you max your activewear look outside of the gym. From leggings to cool tops, our quick fashion guide will help you get that activewear look to suit your style.

Mixing up your material

The key thing to remember when putting together that great activewear look outside the gym is to remember you are not in the gym.

Discard your lycra gear and instead fuse other traditional gym wear like leggings with cool tops and tees. Smart crop denim jackets paired with mesh yoga leggings and simple plain tee look fab. It provides for an edgy fashion finish with a hint of sports dress thrown in for good measure.

Neutral shades are key

Balance is key when putting together any type of great fashion look. This is why neutral shades as well as black will become your best buddy. Comfort and that minimalistic colours are vital when nailing any great activewear look.

Soft pastel shades are a given when paired with shades of black. Stay away from the MC Hammer look to maintain any type of great fashion finish.

If colours are your thing then leave this to your choice of footwear. Bright colourful sneakers won’t throw of the balance of shading above the heels.

Go easy when accessorising

What woman doesn’t like to accessorise? It’s that extra edition to your outfit that can elevate any look. However, when it comes to activewear, less is more.

Most good activewear designs include invisible pockets to carry phones and other small valuables. Consider this when buying your next top or leggings for the best activewear + accessory look. Activewear specialists like Fabletics are a great choice. keep this to a minimum and opt for shades instead.

A cool pair of ladies sunglasses that suit the style of your face can complete any great activewear fashion finish.

Choose quality over quantity

When it comes to buying any type of clothing, quality should always be ahead of quantity. Yes, having 3-4 pairs of leggings, tops or tights might be great to achieve different looks but if the quality of the garment is poor, then this will reflect on your fashion finish.

It’s also important to remember that activewear clothing goes through more stress and strain than normal day to day attire. This is why it is always worth investing in high end quality garments designed for daily wear and tear.

Clothes that can stand the test of time through regular washing and wear are always sound investments.

Layer up

Layering your activewear is important to nailing that chic look outside of the gym. Clever layering adds some dimension to your overall finish.

By simply adding a an oversized jacket or wrapping a smart sweater around the waist presents more opportunities to style up any casual activewear look.


Styling tips to wearing activewear away from the gym

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