Style tips to wearing men's flat caps in 2021 Ireland

Style tips to wearing men’s flat caps in 2021

Style tips to wearing men’s flat caps in 2021

It is one of the most versatile and practical hats out there. So, it is no wonder why the flat cap is loved globally.

Thanks to Peaky Blinders, this humble hat has seen a resurgence in popularity. But the flat cap has been around for a very long time. 14th century to be more specific.

While the flat cap may conjure up images of sheep farming, today it is worn purely for aesthetics. Like any accessory, there are pitfalls to avoid. But, when worn correctly, the flat cap can look both contemporary and cool. Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for tips on how to style your flat cap in 2021.

What Is A Flat Cap?

The design of the flat cap is truly genius. As it is less formal than more structured hats, it is perfect for men who cannot wrap their heads around hats at all. The design of this humble cap is one that is deceptively clever.

Although the brim is short, it will still shield your eyes from the rays of the sun. Not to mention that the whole thing is foldable. Which means you can easily stow it away in your pocket.

But, perhaps one of the most appealing things about the flat cap is that it is not a baseball cap. Although they seem to be on trend right now, you will never see a flat cap sporting a logo.

How Do You Wear One?

Like its American equivalent, there is something about the flat cap that makes it look great on everyone. However, it does not suits all seasons. While linen versions may work for your summer wardrobe, the flat cap is more of a cold weather item.

That being said, it is a hat for almost every occasion. Unlike your baseball cap, the flat cap work well with formal and casualwear. As well as looking great with both tailoring and jeans, the flat cap also flatters all face shapes, making it truly universal.

To get the most out of your money, choose one that is in a neutral colour like a navy or dark grey. If you are unsure of what to wear it with, opt for a monochrome outfit like black trousers, grey t-shirt and navy bomber jacket.

Style tips to wearing men’s flat caps in 2021

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