Beyoncé AdidasImpossible Is Nothing campaign

Beyoncé stars in new Adidas Impossible Is Nothing campaign

Beyoncé stars in new Adidas Impossible Is Nothing campaign

In Irish fashion news, Music star Beyoncé has teamed up with a host of other celebrities from the world of fashion, sport and music to take part on a new initiative run by fashion sportswear giant Adidas for their Impossible Is Nothing campaign.

The 39-year-old singer, fashion brand owner from Texas in the US is being joined by other well-known faces like Manchester United star Paul Pogba, Liverpool striker Mo Salah and gaming star Ninja that will be all part of Adidas’s campaign to promote sustainability, inclusivity and credibility.

Other stars recruited by Adidas as part of their “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign include Ladies basketball all-star Nneka Ogwumike, the first Black captain of the South African rugby team 29-year-old Siya Kolisi along with the first trans woman to play in Brazil’s professional volleyball super league, 36-year-old Tifanny Abreu.

The campaign will feature a series of short biography-style films that will include other visual materials that Adidas will unveil I the coming months that will be marketed across of Adidas’s promotional channels and as well as some in stores promotions.

Archival footage along with some home videos provided by Adidas ambassadorial players is hoped to create inspirational messages and a rally call on the benefits on how all sports should unite to promote sustainability, inclusivity and credibility.

In a media statement released by the global fashion sportswear giant Adidas, it said” Impossible Is Nothing “serves as the introduction for a long-term brand attitude”

Adidas’s company’s executive board member who is responsible for global branding Brian Grevy believes that their “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign is more than just a campaign for Adidas. The new campaign aims to reflect three main tenets of Adidas’s new 2021 to 2025 strategy which are sustainability, inclusivity and credibility.

Their 5-year plan was unveiled back in March during a grand online presentation with video preparation for this campaign taking over a year to produce.

Full details and updates about the new Adidas “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign can be found on their official website


Beyoncé stars in new Adidas Impossible Is Nothing campaign

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