Ways to coordinate your athleisurewear look Ireland

Ways to coordinate your athleisurewear look

Ways to coordinate your athleisurewear look

What’s not to love about the athleisurewear look? Since the COVID-19 lockdown, this fashion style has rocketed. This cosy and relaxed look isn’t just for the home.

Yes, it can be away from the house with ease if styled properly. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland we are going to show you some simple ways to style your athleisure.

Our easy fashion tips will help you coordinate your style to stop it from looking messy. Like it or not, Athleisurewear is here to stay. We will help you embrace this fab look with easy pointers to max any great athleisurewear finish.

Get the balance right

In order to maximise your athleisurewear look you first have to strip your look back to basics. Loose clothing may be funny and relaxing but if not styled properly it can look very messy.

Styling tip: Try matching any loose fitting joggers with a fitted t-shirt. Add some graphics to the tee to make your look more interesting. This also applies in reverse.

If you bottoms are present any fitted look, try adding a loose fitting sweater. Ensure that your choice of shades balance each other out.

Neutral coloured bottoms allow for easy above the waist styling. Balance is key when trying to achieve any great looking Athleisurewear finish.

Allow for texture infusion

Normally, most athleisurewear pieces are designed using soft fabrics such as stretch spandex, brushed cottons pr modal material. These are great as it helps your clothing feel and look comfy.

However, try and think outside the box when constructing any great athleisurewear look outside of the home. By adding a cropped denim jacket or leather look biker jacket to joggers or leggings can elevate any great fashion finish.

It adds something different to your look. This is perfect when zooming around town doing chores. It’s also a great relaxed look when meeting the girls for a coffee.

Think sophistication

It is true to say that all of us want to look good regardless what choices we choose as part of our fashion assemble. Athleisurewear doesn’t always have to look sporty.

By adding other clothing items to our athleisurewear look we can inject some sophistication to overall fashion finish. For example by fusing a chunky cable knit sweater with fitted leggings can lessen any sporty look to your athleisurewear finish.

Balance your shades to fuse with below the waist bottoms and you have nailed it. This also applies when reversing bottom to top. Try pairing nice skinny jeans with a loose (not baggy) sweater. Complete the look with cute ankle boots.

Clean sneakers a must

Good footwear can make or break any true fashion look. This also applies to the look of your shoes as well! Think of the image you are trying to present with your fashion assemble.

You can have the best looking clothes matching and colour balanced but if your shoes are dirty, forget it. Whether your choice of sneakers are canvas, leather synthetic they must look clean at all times.

Always choose footwear that has multiple uses and can be worn with different fashion looks. This saves you money in the long run. Clean shoes are a must for any great athleisurewear finish

Don’t be scared to accessorise

Like footwear, accessories can really elevate any athleisurewear look. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out bling with dazzling chains and rings. Instead single standout items like a pendant, bracelet or neck chain will suffice. Add a contrasting bag and sunglasses to complete this elevated athleisurewear fashion finish.

And finally

Here are two simple fashion tips to remember when slipping into athleisurewear mode.

Fashion tip 1: Be inventive and try adding a silk type tunic to your most favourite leggings. Complete this stylish fashion look by adding a slim style belt to your waist. This helps define your waistline.

Fashion tip 2: When wearing leggings, pair with a pair of riding boots and tick them into the boots which streamlines your finish. They even look great when paired with most dainty flat shoes. Ensure to colour coordinate at all times for a great balanced finish.


Ways to coordinate your athleisurewear look

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