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Simple beauty tips to help boost your collagen production

Simple beauty tips to help boost your collagen production

Collagen is a hot topic in the beauty industry. Hailed as the ‘fountain of youth’, it is the main connective tissue that holds our bodies together. In simple terms, think of it like glue that helps create strong structures in our tissues, as well as blood vessels.

But how do you know you are producing the right amount of collagen? Keep on reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland  to find out more.

Does Collagen Mean Better Health?

Collagen plays an integral role in supporting important tissues in your body, but do you actually need it? Collagen has been linked to the appearance of healthy skin, hair and nails as well as having benefits for your gut. It also can result in fewer wrinkles and smoother, hydrated skin. One lesser known benefit of collagen is burn injuries. If injected into the skin, it can correct scarring.

What Impacts Our Collagen Levels?

As we age, our ability to produce collagen natural decreases. This can result in thinning skin and a loss of elasticity. Another reason for collagen loss is due to smoking as well as excess sugar and refined carbs. Sugar can interfere with collagen’s ability to repair itself.

During pregnancy, your hormones alter the metabolism of collagen. This makes the skin more elastic to expand with your growing baby. Therefore, it is essential that you support your skin during this time. Doing so may help with stretch marks and loose skin post pregnancy.

Another key thing to remember with collagen is vitamin C. Without it, your body is unable to produce collagen.

How To Boost Your Collagen

By making sure you eat a rich and varied diet, you can help build natural collagen. This can include eating foods like egg whites, dairy, mushrooms and asparagus. You can also consume chicken skin, bone broth or gelatin. And don’t forget your vitamin C foods like bell peppers, citrus fruits and berries.

However, if you feel like you still are not getting enough collagen, you can try a collagen supplement. Most supplements are either hydrolyzed collagen or gelatin. These are smaller and easier to absorb by the body. If you do want to go down the supplement route, look for ones that include bone, ligaments or tendon. For those of you who have certain diets, vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

For a holistic option, try a facial massage to stimulate blood flow for a more youthful appearance. taking a medical standpoint, you can also get collagen dermal fillers.

Simple beauty tips to help boost your collagen production

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