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What makes the boyfriend blazer a wardrobe essential

What makes the boyfriend blazer a wardrobe essential

Chances are you’ve seen a boyfriend blazer many times but are often wondering how do you style it? In spite of its name, this garment is made for the ladies and it is a fashion pieces that deserves a spot in your wardrobe. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland we are going to tell you why?

What Is A Boyfriend Blazer?

Do not be fooled by the name. Although your boyfriend blazer may take inspiration from oversized pieces, it is made to fit the female figure. As well as being slightly larger than a women’s blazer, boyfriend blazers are tailored in a way that flatter all body types.

How To Style It

The most common way of wearing your blazer is by layering it over wardrobe basics. A tank top and jeans is usually a good choice. The result is a crisp, clean outfit that flatters most body types. However, there are other ways to rock your blazer. This is one fashion piece that is able to transform a basic look into something chic. So, it’s worth experimenting with it.

A long boyfriend blazer can double as a tunic. Since it sits below your hips, you can wear it with leggings, making your outfit look like a modern suit. To add a pop of colour to your look, finish with a tank top or camisole in a contrasting shade. If you feel like a blazer is a winter item, think again. You can use it as a go-to layering piece for your summer skirts or dresses. For a big impact, throw your blazer over a vivid floral or pattern.

When you are wearing your blazer with trousers, add some feminine flourishes like a floral shirt or colourful bag to make sure it doesn’t look too masculine. Unless that is the vibe you are going for.

Now that you know what a boyfriend blazer is, you may be wondering how to find the perfect one for you. The good news is that it is very easy to find your ideal blazer as the fit is always accommodating. But there are some things you need to consider. It’s supposed to be roomy, but not huge. Be mindful of proportions. If the sleeves and shoulders go past your natural shape, the blazer is too big.

What makes the boyfriend blazer a wardrobe essential

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