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What triggers acne breakouts to the face

What triggers acne breakouts to the face

We know that breakouts on your jaw and chin are causes by your hormones and your T-zone is linked to stress. But what about your cheeks?

Even though all our acne is caused by clogged pores, our faces can give us clues about why we are breaking out. When it comes to our cheeks, it mostly comes down to lifestyle. Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips we explain  why you may experience breaking out on your cheeks and how to prevent it from happening.


While the answer could be down to your genes, it is much more likely that the reason you are breaking out is because of lifestyle factors.

When you think about it, our cheeks bear the brunt of our lifestyle. From dirty phones, to face touching to pillowcases, our cheeks put up with a lot of stuff. So, it is not surprising when they choose to react. Your hands collect bacteria throughout the day, which you transfer to your face. The more you touch your face, the more oil, dirt and bacteria come into contact with our skin. And even if your skin makes it through the day without a breakout, think of how much bacteria is in your bedsheets.

Makeup and makeup brushes can also be a culprit, so it’s important to pay attention to what you are putting on your skin. And you should also pay attention to your water intake. Too little can lead to dry skin, which can cause breakouts.


If your lifestyle habits are contributing to your breakouts, the good news is that you can change them. The best way to prevent breakouts on your cheeks is by having a good skincare routine. Look for products that contain AHAs which can remove debris from your pores. Even if you have acne-prone skin, look for soothing, oil-free products.

And remember to change your bedsheets more often.


If your breakouts are not responding to your skincare treatments, take a look at what you are putting onto your skin. Benzoyl Peroxide is a common acne fighting ingredient that treats acne-causing bacteria. This, to a lesser extent, can reduce sebum production.

Retinoids are a vitamin A derivative which increases cell production and keeps pores clear. It also regulates sebum production and is anti-inflammatory.

What triggers acne breakouts to the face

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