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Simple ways to wear white sneakers this spring

Simple ways to wear white sneakers this spring

One of the great things about white sneakers is they are perfect for any great spring or summer time look. Whether dressed up or down they are reliable piece of fashion footwear when the sun shines.

Another great thing about white sneakers is their neutrality. This means they can be easily be paired with dresses or trousers for the months ahead.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you very simple ways to dress your white sneakers this springtime. There relaxed look makes them perfect for casual to smart casual fashion dress for springtime.

The main thing to remember when wearing any type of white sneaker is ensure they look clean at all times. Drabby or dirty pairs of sneakers will take any great fashion look from hero to zero in an instant.

Choosing the right white sneaker

This is probably the most important part of any great white sneaker look. As we said earlier, white sneakers can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Finding the right sneaker that has multi-purposes uses that can be worn with different outfits is key. The plainer the design of the sneaker the better.

This means it can be worn effortlessly with jeans or a nice dress without too much hassle. Try and keep the design of white sneaker simple. Avoid any colour flicks in the design that will collide with your outfit look. Neutrality is important with any choice of white sneaker.

For the petite lady

For you wonderfully petite women out there you may wish to choose a shoe with a little extra platform. This adds a little extra height to your look. Still opt for plain designs and try and keep your choice of sneaker basic. Any intricate designs or awkward platform moulds can deflect away from your above the ankle fashion choices.

The white sneaker and dress combo

What’s not to love about a nice cute dress styled with a clean smart pair of white sneakers. White goes with anything so styling any outfit becomes easy. Given its spring, short knee-length skirts are a great choice.

Bright and breezy colours can lighten any look or fashion mood. The more basic the sneaker, the easier it is to fuse with your choice of dress. Print or simple colour block dresses are perfect for springtime. Opt for lighter shades of dresses to bring out the best in your white sneaker finish.

The white sneaker and jeans effect

This is probably the most relaxed and easiest fashion look to pull off white sneakers. For a more relaxed daytime finish, skinnies and hoodie or the perfect marriage. This look is great for women of all ages.

To add something extra to your fashion finish opt for jeans with the ripped effect. It makes for a more interesting look while ensuring a casual finish. For something more dress me up, straight leg jeans are a great option.

This makes your look a bit more formal below the waist. Add a stylish shirt and jacket with your white sneakers to make your finish a bit classier.

The white sneaker and blazer fusion

For ladies who love to socialise with friends, try adding a blazer to your white sneaker look. Straight legs jeans (black or blue denim) are perfect choices. Opt for a plain white round neck tee to a pastel fitted blazer and wow. Complete with a single piece round the neck pendant. Very stylish indeed.

And finally

Always make sure your choice of white sneakers are comfy. By choosing a pair that has multiple uses allows for them to be work with many different outfits. Keep them clean at all times to maintain any great white sneaker fashion look during spring.


Simple ways to wear white sneakers this spring

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