Colour fashion trends for your springtime wardrobe in 2021 Ireland

Colour fashion trends for your springtime wardrobe in 2021

Colour fashion trends for your springtime wardrobe in 2021

Hooray it’s spring again and something all fashionistas have been looking forward to all winter. With the days getting longer, temperatures lifting, its now time to start thinking about springtime fashion.

For most of us it’s time to park darker winter shades of black and greys to the back of the wardrobe until November. Enter glowing and brighter fashion shades that are going to lift both your spirit and looks for the season ahead.

So, what colours are going to be trending this springtime and summer to be included as part of your fashion line-up? Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to take a quick look at “must have” colours for your springtime wardrobe in 2021.

The beautiful millennial pinks

You don’t have to dress like Paris Hilton to enjoy shades of pink this springtime. The great think about pinks is their wide range of different shades.

Peachy, rose and salmon pinks are great tones to consider any fashion assemble this season. Even bubble-gum pink is a fashion pleaser when styled correctly.

Style it with sage

Yep, sage was on trend in 2020 and has maintained its place at the head table of fashion for 2021. Fashion critics are actually calling sage the new black as it can fuse effortlessly with most things in your springtime wardrobe.

Its military shades make sage the perfect blend for casual or smart fashion dress this coming season. Look to pair with neutral shades to complete any great balanced fashion assemble.

Retro Gen -Z yellow

Yupppp yellow is back girls, not that it ever went away. However, we are taking the wonder shade of Gen -Z yellow. Celebrities are going to be jumping all over this shade in the coming months.

It’s nineties fashion appeal can breathe life into any fashion uniform even on the dullest of days. A word of caution though for anyone jumping straight into shades of yellow this spring. For those of you with pasty white skin, dull down your choice of yellow shades.

Opt for darker tones and fuse with darker shades of clothing to match. This will bring out the best in your fashion assemble instead of you looking like Big Bird from Sesame Street

Sweet Varsity Red

One thing great about varsity red is its show of power any fashion assembles. It can create a confidence and add strength to any look and looks fab in any springtime fashion look.

The key thing to remember when styling any varsity red tones is balance. It can mix beautifully with neutral tones or whites during spring of summer. Remember, Varsity red is either or above or below the waist, not together.

Ladies Sage Pin Tuck Top from H&M Ireland

Ladies Sage Pin Tuck Top from H&M

Purple pastel

Shades of purple are real springtime fashion pleasers. In some religions it’s also associated with Easter time and rising of Jesus Christ from the tomb.

Light shades of pastel purple are going to have a strong presence this springtime and summer. One of the great things about light purple shades is they match so well with neutral tones.

One thing to remember when styling purple is to make sure this is your prominent colour. It’s a strong shade and fuses great with whites and lighter neutral pastel shades.

Orange peel sensation

This shade has a retro feel to it. It can be bright and vibrant like when it was styled in the late sixties. On a less risky note, it can be dulled down and paired with other bright neutrals around it.

Given its spring, light shades of Orange peel look fab when incorporated “as part” of any fashion assemble. This doesn’t mean going head to toe (no no) Like varsity red, it’s either above the waist of below (not both)

One great thing about orange peel is it can be fused with black during spring or summer months and blend in with your surroundings. Word of caution, pasty skin gals should opt for darker shades of orange peel fashion above the waist.

Whatever your choice of shades this springtime, enjoy. By incorporating any of the above shades into your springtime wardrobe this season will mean your fashion look is on trend. Choice wisely and opt for colours that suit your taste and look.


Colour fashion trends for your springtime wardrobe in 2021

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