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Ways to look good in activewear this spring 2021

Ways to look good in activewear this spring 2021

We have been doing the stay at home thing for a while now. Which means that leggings and activewear have become a major part of our lives.

Maybe you bought some workout gear at the start of lockdown with the best intentions of keeping fit. But your sports bras, shorts and sweats are not just for the gym, or your living room floor. You can rework them into Insta-worthy looks or dress them up for any occasion.

Don’t believe us? Keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for tips on upgrading your wardrobe into your spring wardrobe.

Chunky Boots

Forget about your trainers. The perfect shoe for your activewear is your chunky boots. They have the ability to transform your spin outfit into a standout one. As for your outerwear, a blazer will bring some edginess to your look, but any spring jacket will work too.

Pastel Knitwear

Tennis dresses are in. You read that right. The activewear your mother used to rock in the 90s is back in fashion. And not just for exercise. It makes for a cool street style outfit, too. Why not channel your inner Serena and rock this pretty style with a pastel jumper? Another trend for spring. However, if tennis dresses are not your thing, skirts work too.

Trench Coat

Opposites always go together when it comes to fashion. Your ‘I woke up like this’ sweats will act as the perfect counterpart to a timeless, structured trench coat. Not only will you stay warm, but you will effortlessly cool.

Knotted Graphic Tee

A graphic t-shirt will make anything cooler and your activewear is no exception. Whether you go for a pop of colour, your favourite band tee or a statement shirt, replace a boring workout tank with a graphic tee. To make it look trendy, knot the front for a more fitted look.


This is a pairing no one would think to put together but surprisingly it works: athletic wear and blazers. If you rock shorts and a sports bra or leggings and a pullover, an oversized blazer completes your outfit. Your blazer will make your outfit look stylish, so don’t forget about your chunky trainers and baseball cap.

Cropped Teddy Coat

Got your bike shorts on but the weather is a bit chilly? Your teddy coat is not just for your winter wardrobe. It is also the perfect addition to your workout gear when you want to keep warm. To show off your sporty silhouette, keep things cropped and wear it with white sneakers. This way, no one will know whether you are going to the gym or a photoshoot.

Baguette Bag

Forget your oversized tote bags, this year is all about the baguette. Due to high command, the baguette bag now comes in different textures, colours and styles. So, with that being said, why not use yours to upgrade your activewear? For an effortless look, you cannot go wrong if you stick with neutrals and keep details simple.

Ways to look good in activewear this spring 2021

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