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Fashion ideas to help you master the puff sleeve trend

Fashion ideas to help you master the puff sleeve trend

Once spring and summer roll around, many of us gravitate towards puff-sleeves. And who can blame us?

We want to wear pieces that make us feel romantic and whimsical, which is exactly what wearing puff sleeves feels like. If you want to feel like a princess this summer while spending it socially distancing, keep on reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our best style tips.

White Shirt + Denim Shorts

A crisp, white puff sleeve shirt with some denim shorts will always be the most effortless summer look. and it is so easy to build on. You can add some cute accessories, like cheery earrings or purple mules. And the best part of this outfit? You can play around with textures and colours to suit your own personal style.

Smock Dress + Straw Hat

The answer to any boring day will always be long puffy sleeves. If you add some cuffs and a smock bodice, you will have a pretty dress that will get you through summer. To complete your look, wear your straw hat, gold necklaces and some heeled sandals.

Wrap Top + Linen Shorts

A wrap top has the ability to look good on everyone’s body shape. As it shows off some skin, be sure to put your hair back and decorate your neck with some jewellery. To balance out proportions, tuck your top into your shorts. That way, all the volume stays at your puff sleeves.

Matching Set + Bucket Hat

We dare anyone to say anything bad about matching sets. They make getting ready that much easier by saving you time. Both matching sets and gingham are having a moment this year so why not combine the two? And another trend to consider is the bucket hat. Another 90s staple that has seen a fashion comeback.

Embroidered Top + White Trousers

Another trend to get behind is embroidered fashion pieces. They are the ideal addition for your summer wardrobe and really shine when paired with white trousers. If you complement the embroidery with some colourful accessories, you will have a look you will wear constantly over summer.

Fashion ideas to help you master the puff sleeve trend

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